The Newest Terroristcel

I’m sure many of you are unfamiliar with the term “incel.”  It is a relatively new term that started life in the 90’s as a portmanteau of “involuntary celibate,” coined by an unnamed Canadian woman who founded an internet support group for lonely people. What that term has become is a far cry from her original concept of a supportive… Read moreThe Newest Terroristcel

Things Flat Earthers Can’t Explain

Although there are many trolls on the internet who pretend to believe that the earth is flat, there are undoubtedly many people who legitimately hold that belief.  Here is a list of things that people who believe in a flat earth cannot explain using a flat earth model.  Each item on this list is independently verifiable (since flat earthers believe… Read moreThings Flat Earthers Can’t Explain

Argumentum Ad Packageinsertum

Anti-vaccine advocates often like to make arguments based on information contained in vaccine package inserts.  If people would read what is in package inserts, they say, nobody would ever get vaccinated! Well, let’s take a look at what is in one of those package inserts.  Granted, most people don’t read them, mainly because they aren’t terribly interesting, but anti-vaccine advocates,… Read moreArgumentum Ad Packageinsertum