The Goop Lab Episode 1 Review

“When I started Goop in 2008, I was like, ‘my calling is something else besides, you know, making out with Matt Damon on screen.’”  Gwyneth begins the first episode before any introduction music or titles, earning a chuckle from those assembled over the plight of the poor little rich white chick who has started a business venture that has separated… Read moreThe Goop Lab Episode 1 Review

Transcript From First Netflix Goop Episode (Probably)

Paltrow: Welcome everybody to the new Goop show! *cheers* Paltrow: Are you ready to get out your credit cards and spend all that money you got from selling LuLaRoe? *laughter* Paltrow: Yeah, I know, I know.  I’m just kidding.  I know nobody has ever made money from selling LuLaRoe. *murmurs of agreement* Paltrow: We have a really exciting show for… Read moreTranscript From First Netflix Goop Episode (Probably)

Argumentum Ad Packageinsertum

Anti-vaccine advocates often like to make arguments based on information contained in vaccine package inserts.  If people would read what is in package inserts, they say, nobody would ever get vaccinated! Well, let’s take a look at what is in one of those package inserts.  Granted, most people don’t read them, mainly because they aren’t terribly interesting, but anti-vaccine advocates,… Read moreArgumentum Ad Packageinsertum